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Which Black Panther Character From Wakanda Are You?

Of all the awesome things about The Black Panther (and there are a lot) one of the best is the amazing cast of characters that populate the beautiful cities of Wakanda. These beautiful people are inspirational, powerful, and smart to boot. Are you the brilliant girl scientist Shuri, or perhaps the fierce and fiery Nakia, quick with a weapon and quick with her words?

No matter who you are, there’s a Wakandan who matches your personality and they are all stellar. So let’s travel to Africa and a tiny nation full of resources, glorious personalities, and beautiful scenery to discover a little something about yourself. Grab your favorite vibranium invention and tell us what you’d be up to if you headed to Wakanda to find out which character from The Black Panther is the one that matches your personality.

Wakanda forever! Let MagiQuiz find your superhero personality by taking the quiz.