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Are You Too Creepy To Be Coupled? Stalk Your Crush Online And We’ll Tell You!

All love stories start with an innocent crush. It just so happens that innocent crushes can evolve into full blown obsessions and bring out the most extreme stalker tendencies in all of us. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right? So, you’re really just trying to get your best shot by absorbing every tidbit and morsel of information you can find out about your object of affection. That’s how crushes work, yeah?

Look, crushes totally suck and stalking isn’t a healthy habit to get into. And yet, we all do it. No shame in that! So, what’s fueling your stalking habits anyway? Are you indeed running towards your crush or running away from something else? If you let us in on your secret, creepy ways, we’re pretty sure that we can deduce why you’re still single. It’s a bit harsh, but you implied yourself that you just want to be informed, right? Good, glad we had this chat. Now, let’s get creepy!