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You're at Thanksgiving dinner and your Uncle John starts saying some...unfortunate things relating to race. What do you do?


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  • I just ignore him and keep talking to someone else.

  • I ask him about that project he’s been working on around the house. Hopefully it’ll change the topic.

  • I straight up tell him that it’s inappropriate.

  • I ask one of the kids to create a distraction.

  • I go to a different room.



Wait, where's your wallet? Did you leave it somewhere? You can't find it. What's your plan?


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  • I basically panic, then retrace my steps.

  • I look everywhere that I have been for the last day until I find it. I won’t stress out until I know I can’t find it.

  • I ask my friends to check, call places I’ve been, and see if anyone has noticed it.

  • I’ve got a tracker in it, so it’s easy enough to find.

  • I’m always misplacing it, so I check the usual spots that I leave it.



You host a party and you know you've got two distinct groups of friends showing up. How do you make the party a success?


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  • I create some icebreaker type games to get everyone interacting.

  • I try to have a bunch of fun stuff for people to do; good drinks, maybe some games, good music, and let things happen organically.

  • I just tell them they’re all my friends so they’ll get along.

  • I theme the party something wild that will get everyone talking.

  • I try to have a couple hangouts with people mixing up the two groups of friends before the party so that when the party happens it won’t be split in two.



Mom is asking about grandkids again. What's the response?


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  • “I don’t like it when you pressure me about this. Please stop.”

  • “Hey, I think dad needs help. I’m going to go see what he’s up to.”

  • “Hey weren’t you just telling me about Karen at work? What did she do this time?”

  • “Oh haha, you’re so funny, grandma.”

  • “Babies are parasites.”



You just bought a new house! Congrats! Now it's time to move all of your stuff. What's your approach?


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  • I create a master spreadsheet and pack over the course of a few weeks.

  • I try to put things mostly in boxes that correspond to rooms but get overwhelmed halfway through and honestly end up just doing whatever I can to get from one house to the other.

  • I hire some movers.

  • I trust that it will all get done on time, but I try to work on it bit by bit. Mostly I just focus on not stressing myself out.

  • I procrastinate a whole lot, but when I get into gear I get it all done in a night.



You've got a cold and you're just sick enough that you COULD make it in to work but it would be miserable. What's your call?


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  • I work from home. That way I can rest AND work.

  • I go in and try to pretend I’m not sick.

  • I just stay home. I let my boss know I’d rather get healthy and get more done tomorrow.

  • I play hooky for the day. I might go out with my friends later too…

  • I bring a water bottle full of Dayquil to work with me. Git it done.



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