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Boss calls you into his office and lets you know that there have been cut backs at the company. You've been laid off. How do you react?


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  • I’ve got savings set aside, so I’m in OK shape. I take some time to take care of myself before finding a new job.

  • I feel pretty bummed out, but I start looking for a job right away.

  • I’ve already got a side hustle going on, so I try to expand that into a full business. One door closes, another opens.

  • I tell the boss just what I think of him, then leave and find a temp job to last until I can get another position. I’m really pissed.

  • I try to be polite and not burn any bridges. Sure, I’m stressed out but getting angry won’t help. I start looking at my connections to see where there’s a new opportunity.



OK, what about the flip side of that coin: You've been killing it at work and you think you deserve some recognition. How do you go about asking for a raise?


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  • I schedule a meeting with my supervisor and calmly lay out the reasons I should have the raise.

  • I work with my supervisor to set goals, then show off when I meet them. I try to let them know regularly about the successes I’m having. They should see my abilities soon.

  • I bring it up at my annual review, with some statistics about average salaries and evidence of my abilities.

  • I try to bring in more money for my company so that they’ll have more money to pay me. That’s how it works right?

  • I compliment my boss often, put good vibes out into the workplace, and talk often about what a good job others are doing. If I am positive, I’ll get positivity back.



You've got your kiddo out in public and you see it coming: the quivering lip, the whiny voice. Then it hits. Full on tantrum. How do you manage?


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  • I sit down and scream with them. I love to confuse my child.

  • I ignore them until they stop.

  • I distract them by pointing out something else that’s interesting.

  • I threaten to leave without them if they don’t stop.

  • I get down on their level, tell them I understand, and offer comfort. I try to get them away from whatever is triggering them and try to demonstrate healthy ways of managing emotions.



You're about to head home on a nice Friday afternoon and your boss walks in and drops a huge project on your desk. Ew. How do you cope?


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  • I grumble, but I stay and finish the project, then go home and blow off steam by going out with my friends.

  • Yeah, that’s not happening. I storm out of the office and leave it on my desk for when I get back on Monday.

  • I don’t work on it immediately. Instead, I make sure that when I do have to put in the extra weekend hours I’m in a space that’s conducive to work and really calming.

  • I tell my boss that I’m really sorry but I don’t have time to get to the project until next week.

  • I remind my boss of my hours and ask if they would prefer that I stay late tonight or if I work it in next week. I suggest I’ll do a better job if it’s during my normal working hours.



Public speaking. How do you feel about it?


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  • Grit your teeth and get through it, then reward yourself with a donut.

  • I avoid it at all costs.

  • I actually like public speaking. I seek it out.

  • I try to be creative when I have to do public speaking. I see if I can make myself laugh and find I’m more comfortable like that.

  • I find that it helps a lot to create a good ambiance in the room, so I try to scope it out and make sure the lighting is good, the seating is comfortable, and that I like the space.



Your sweet pup Fido has run away. How do you handle it?


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  • I cry a LOT. I’m very sensitive to my pup. I call all my friends and ask them for help to find him.

  • I create flyers and scour the neighborhood trying to find him.

  • I look for him and leave out a bowl of dog food to try to get him to come home.

  • I know that he always comes to the sound of his favorite squeaky toy, so I spend all day squeaking for my best friend.

  • I’m pretty bummed, but I know he knows the way home. I wait for him to come back.



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