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Do You Remember Everything That Happened in 2017?

What a year! Just when we thought 2016 was the worst year in recent history, 2017 proved to be full of interesting events. What do you remember most from this year? Was it the Women’s Marches in January, the airline fiasco in April, or the impending war with North Korea from August? Do you remember who won the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and Miss Universe? Were you paying attention to the hotly contested French presidential election in May, or the independence efforts in Barcelona? Which White House staff members made it the full year, and which ones were sacked? Which hurricane left terrible damage in Puerto Rico and which American territory was threatened to be attacked by North Korea? Do you remember which Middle Eastern countries were part of Trump’s travel ban back in January? If you can answer these 12 questions about what happened during the 12 months of 2017, you’re doing better than most of us! Whether 2017 was a year you want to remember or forget, there’s no denying it was full of events. Take this quiz to test your memory!