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How Well Do You Know the Bizarre Rules Disney Employees Have to Follow?

Let’s venture together into the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! Everyone knows it’s a place full of smiles, fun rides, and absurdly overpriced food. But what you may not know is that this place isn’t quite so happy for the people who work there. In fact The Mouse has some pretty strict rules about the “cans” and “can’ts” of working at Disney. Only someone with real knowledge of the parks will know each and every one.

How well do you know what employees are and aren’t allowed to do while they’re under the employ of Old Mickey? When you’re finished, you might rethink how awesome it would be to work at one of the parks. Or maybe it sounds right up your alley. Are you a Disney parks genius, or will we have to call a code V (for vomit) when you’re all finished? Dive into these wild and wacky rules to find out.