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Plan a Cozy Snow Day and We’ll Tell You What Winter Meal to Cook

Who doesn’t love a snow day? OK, so there are probably a lot of people out there who wouldn’t think about stepping outside when there’s even a quarter-inch of snow on the ground. But for those who do, there’s nothing better than getting together with family and friends and making the most of a snowy winter day.

So what’s your ideal snow day? Would you be all about sleeping in and having a quick snowball fight before staying in for the rest of your day in your PJs? Or are you more inclined to get up at the crack of dawn so you can make the most of your day? Do you live to downhill ski? Or is tubing down a bunny hill more your style? Are you a fan of snowshoeing? Or could you rather go cross-country skiing?

Tell us about your ideal snow day and we’ll give you a cozy comfort meal to cook after a big day outside. Ready to find out your food future? Grab your mittens and let’s get started!