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Plan a Romantic Candlelit Dinner to Reveal Which Hollywood Hunk You Should Marry

The definition of romance is a little different person-to-person. While some enjoy luxurious boat cruises and big city nights, others prefer quiet evenings at home. What kind of romantic dinner would make your heart melt?

How would you prefer to spend an evening with a new date or a long-term partner? Plan a romantic candle lit dinner to find out who your Hollywood husband is. Choosing the time, place, menu, and activity is all the fun of planning an evening with someone you want to be with. Would you rather have a date at home, in a mystical garden, or on a sunset beach? Are you a good cook, or would you have to order delivery? Are you going to enjoy a moonlit stroll, evening of board games, or night out on the town after filling up on your favorite meal?

Plan your ideal romantic candle lit date to find out which Hollywood hunk is your Mr. Right.