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Do You Remember What Happened 10 Years Ago?

A lot can happen in a decade! Although it’s now 2018; the year of the Britney meltdown, financial crisis, and election of Barack Obama feels just like yesterday.

Do you remember what happened ten years ago? Who won the Super Bowl, Miss Universe, and the World Cup? Which major world city hosted the Summer Olympics? Which songs, movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossip was all the rage? Can you remember which artists released which hot albums and which songs were on the top of the charts? What about which famous couples got married?  Though 2016 was a year full of celebrity deaths, 2008 was not much better. Do you remember which celebrities passed away? Which countries went to war and declared independence?

If you were alive in 2008, you should easily score 10/12 on this quiz. See if you can remember this awesome year by answering these 12 questions!