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Take This Vacation-Themed ‘Would You Rather’ to Reveal Which Country You Should Live In

It’s the perfect time for a vacation! Pack your bags, pick a place on the map, and jump on a plane. But where should you go? And what should you do? Every vacation is about making choices. Hot or cold, relaxed or busy, local culture or tourist landmarks?

We’ve put together the ultimate list of vacation-themed would you rather questions to pin down all of your perfect preferences. Are you more interested in meeting the people and seeing a busy town, or would you rather spend your time out in nature, as far from the hustle and bustle as possible?

With the help of these scientifically calibrated questions, we’ll determine the perfect place for you to live. We’ve found the best countries across the world and we’ll tell you which one is just right for your personality and preferences. Now pack up your bags and let’s plan that glorious vacation!