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Are Your Eyes The Right Color For Your Personality? Take This Fashion Quiz and We’ll Tell You.

What color eyes should you have been born with? Do your eyes match your personality? The eyes are the window to the soul, but your wardrobe is the paintbrush of self-expression. Based on the type of clothes you like to wear, we bet we can guess what color your eyes are. After all, this biological phenomenon can say a lot about your personality! Do you prefer wearing pants or skirts? Do you prefer shoes with high heels, boots, sandals, or flats? Do you like to dress up or keep it casual? We bet we can guess whether you are like 55 percent of the world’s population with brown eyes, 8 percent of the population with blue eyes, or 2 percent of the population with green! The fashion choices you make say a lot about your personality and what brings out your natural beauty. Tell us which clothes you would rather wear and we will guess whether your eyes are brown, blue, green, or hazel!