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What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About Your Favorite Dessert? Take This Sweet Quiz To Find Out

Life is as sweet as candy. So don’t you want to spend as much time as possible thinking about all the sweet things there are in life? That is exactly where this quiz comes in. We will ask you all about your favorite candy (yum, and, um, you are welcome!) and that will tell us just enough about you! From your answers about candy, we will tell you your favorite dessert. You might be surprised at how accurate this quiz is. A sweet tooth is not just a sweet tooth. Maybe you like candy that is a little sweeter than most. Maybe you are a fan of the sour stuff. And maybe you just want chocolate all day every day. (Who doesn’t? It is literally the best invention ever.) All of those nuances in your candy taste will help us choose the perfect dessert for you. Take this quiz now to find yours!