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What Is Santa Going to Leave Under Your Tree This Year? Tell Us Your Favorite Christmas Foods to Find Out!

What we want Santa to bring us for Christmas changes every year, especially as we get older. Though you may have hated getting socks or clothes as a kid, you may appreciate warm socks or massage gift certificates as an adult. What should you expect to find under the tree this year? Are you looking for the coolest gadget or a luxurious experience? Whatever you’re writing in your letter to Mr. Claus this year, you’ll be sure to get it if you try! But Christmas isn’t only about the gifts. What makes this Yuletide holiday magical are the memories we make with family — and the delicious food we share. What dishes do you look forward to chowing down on every December 25? Does your family roast a turkey or enjoy a big fish? Do you fill up on mashed potatoes or potatoes au gratin? Do you prefer gravy, bread sauce, or homemade cranberry sauce? Tell us what foods you’re looking forward to eating this year and we’ll tell you what Santa will put under your tree!