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What Are You Thankful For? Choose Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes and We’ll Guess!

On a day full of gluttony, it’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to give thanks for the lives we have. What are you thankful for this holiday season? Believe it or not, your favorite Thanksgiving foods can say what you value most in life. What kind of gravy do you like? Which pie do you always choose at the end of the meal? Just how should a turkey be basted? Tell us what your favorite Turkey Day foods are and we’ll tell you what you’re truly thankful for! You may think you’re thankful for mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce, but if you dig just deep enough, you’ll find that there’s a lot in this world to be thankful for. Be thankful that Thanksgiving is yet to come and that you don’t yet have to wait a full year to eat your favorite turkey and stuffing dishes!